Love, hate, anger, sadness, happiness only 1/3 of most people emotions involves love and happiness. What about hate or sadness their feelings why can’t we share love why can’t we give happiness is it so important that we tell people they need to find there own happiness? But no one I willing to give happiness or love or help them find there own. That why people have hated or sadness you are all selfish in you own way. So when you are sad and that person you told to find his own happiness find it. Do not get mad at him be mad at your self. It no one else fault but you own but if that person is nice enough they might share their own happiness. Because when you don’t share you get love, happiness, acceptance, affection, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, and pride. You get anger, hate, sadness, loneliness jealousy, frustration, envy confusion, aggression, and depression.