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Thread: feelings ot love*

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    feelings ot love*

    feelings ot love*

    My dearest

    The closest I get to you is in my dreams.

    I feel the touch of your lips agent mine.

    Believing its real the time I have with you.

    It can’t be expressed.

    It’s the best feeling I have ever felt but when I awake I see and realise it was
    all a dream

    And how I wish it was real.

    I long for your touch.

    To hear your voice.

    To know you better than I do.

    I want to care, love protect you forever.

    You know my feelings are pure.

    You know I love you.

    And I promise ill never hurt you.

    I never want you to feel pain again as you have before.

    I promise I will love you forever.

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    Re: feelings ot love*

    Is Love its own thing

    does it have its own existence

    can you love someone without seeing them?

    can you give your heart to that you have not heard?

    does you soul cry for those who you do not really know?

    can you love me when you know i can't love you?

    does it hurt to know i can't truly love thee...

    or would it hurt more if I never knew you existed???

    P.s love the poem, you got alot of talent and since your from ireland it means we are alike in a way

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    Re: feelings ot love*

    Aww, such a sweet poem ^^ But work on the grammar ^_^;

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