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Thread: A few poems

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    A few poems

    In a world
    In a world with a black heart,
    I would finally fit in,
    in a world full of sadness,
    I shall fit in,
    but in a world full of joy,
    you will find me hiding in the shadows,
    away from the light...

    there are people in this world that,
    don't care about you,
    and people that do,
    there are people that would let you starve,
    and people who stop and give you food,
    there are two types people,
    bad people,
    good people,
    I am neither...

    All alone I feel different,
    I feel safer,
    because I'm alone,
    no one can hurt me,
    or use me,
    all alone I am free...

    Goodbyes really are forever Saying goodbye,
    Is never really easy,
    sometimes your smile Is so very cheesy.
    As tears fill your eyes,
    you try not to cry,
    you give your goodbyes,
    and move on...
    But dont ever look back,
    cause regretting what you lost,
    is what your future will cost.....
    sometimes goodbyes really are forever...

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    Re: A few poems

    awesome poems thanks for the comments on my poems^_^

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