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Thread: Final Fantasy Remix Story Part 1

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    Final Fantasy Remix Story Part 1

    Hey everyone Shadowboy here, just saying hope you like it, and this is also my first story. More parts to this will come soon, and some new anime stories too.

    Tidus vs. Prediator
    The story has become a lot shorter...but the more fun 4 me at least.
    Will Tidus win? Or the Prediator? All will be revealed.



    Tidus VS Prediator


    Tidus and his gang were having a great time just chilling...eating, talking, the regular thing. But when Tidus heard something a mysterious sound. He is very disturb. Friends tell him that it was just his crazy imagnation. But Tidus ran after the sound, and saw Prediators setting a bomb..they saw the FF Gang though. Now the big responsibilty is in the hands of 7 people...A drunk, X-Soldier, A Blonde, a hooker, a weird person, and Sephiroth. Will they save the world? In time


    Chapter 1:
    The Park

    Cloud and Tidus were walking around, while Zidane Sephiroth were playing spin the bottle in the park...

    Cloud said, "Yo, Tidus. You know, why is Zidane and Sephiroth trying to be a pimp when there really not?"

    "I dunno Cloud, there probally need attention or something."

    "True, wanna eat?"

    "I'll be glad to."

    So Tidus and Cloud walk to the basket where all the food was...right next to Rikku. Yuna smiled at the boys and said, "Why don't you play with us Tidus?"

    "It's not me Yuna, but thanks."

    "Same here, it's my thing to do."

    "Whatever..." And she gave Tidus a big smooch. The boys went somewhere quiet.

    Cloud's eyes popped out. shocked.gif
    Tidus blushed. ^_^

    "Tidus, how come the chicks come after you and not to me?"

    "Maybe because your not that type of person, your more serious."

    "Guess so..."

    As Cloud and Tidus were talking about life and all Tidus heard a sound....


    "Eh yo, didja here that?"

    "Dude, maybe its your crazy you.."

    "I think we should go back..."

    "Aight then."

    Tidus ran, while Cloud jogged.. They met up with Zidane and Yuna about to kiss behind the tree...Tidus blurted out and said,

    "I heard the Prediators!"

    Zidane said, "Man, I knew you shouldn't have watched AVP man.."

    Tidus argued and said, "SERIOUSLY! C`mon no one listens to me"

    Cloud started to believe Tidus...
    "I think Tidus has a point..Maybe we should bust out our swords.."

    Sephiroth came with Rikku holding hands..Cloud shook his head,

    "Yo Tidus, where did the sound come from?"

    "Northwest of here, I think we should go get our weapons and go there...NOW!"

    They all agreed, "Alright."


    Chapter 2:

    When they were walking, the sound 'arughhh' became louder, and louder, and louder...Tidus shook in fear, and so did everybody else. Zidane tried to hide his fear, but he couldn't. Sephiroth was walking plainly, but they all knew that we was afraid, his hands were shaking.
    Tidus and Cloud walked side by side, Yuna was behind Tidus, and Rikku was skipping beside Cloud.

    Tidus said, "I think the bad boys are right here."

    Then Tidus looked to his right, and saw a Prediator setting a bomb off for 60:00 minutes, which was an hour..

    Cloud looked at his left and saw two badazz Prediators looking straight at `em. It looked like the world was about to end.

    Chapter 3:

    "Tidus, lets take the enemies on my left, while Yuna, Rikku, Zidane and Sephiroth find a place to r...they already ran away! Lets go get those badazzes!"


    Then when they fought, swords were clinging and Tidus and Cloud were fighting like no tomorrow...Tidus took one Prediator down, while Cloud was still fighting the big bose Prediator.

    "I'll take the Prediator that's guarding the bomb Cloud."


    Cloud and the Prediator were still neck to neck until finnaly, he injured the big boy, and killed him..Cloud ran and met up with Tidus..There was still one more Prediator...
    As the Prediator found Tidus and Cloud from miles away...the Prediator ran and tried to kill both Tidus and Cloud...Right when the sword was about to stab Tidus in the head, Cloud jumped in and sacrifice his life and got stabbed through the stomach....The Prediator sucked his brains out, and killed Cloud.

    "Noooo! You didn't just do that!!!!!!! Urghh!!!"

    And then Tidus stabbed the Prediator, right through his head..The Prediator knelt down dead. Tidus then stopped the bomb

    When the FF Gang came <except Cloud> where Tidus was...they fell down and there knees and wept for Cloud.

    Tidus said, "Cloud was a good friend, I'll never forget what he has done."

    THE END!

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    Re: Final Fantasy Remix Story Part 1

    must say tht this is a really random story.....from dissing each other to fighting..... anyways it's an alright story

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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    Re: Final Fantasy Remix Story Part 1

    Yeah sorry, my first story lol. It suposesd to be a funny final fantasy story, but not all parts are funny, the ending part im going to make is going to be sad.

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