I didn't mean to find you,
though I was looking anyway.
There you popped up,
and there I soon came.

Now after a long trip,
and some big decisions by me,
I now have a girlfriend,
for whom I can love and see.

I can kiss you,
and hold you...
and not have to text,
or be online with.

I can be there,
with you daily,
my real life,
loving baby.

Your not just a face,
on my computer screen anymore.
You live here with me,
and you're what I love and adore.

We're going to work out,
as I can feel it in my gut.
I love you so much baby girl,
and I'm finally out of this rut.

I love you with all my heart,
and body and loving soul.
I'll never ever even think,
of letting you go.