find the love, find the star inside the human heart that brings Are love to life and it will glow with pure hope. listen to the wind that calls with a gentle voice of warmth of kindness & love it sings so much with beauty and hope in the eyes of man kind and beyond the Stars.
can you see it?
(Can you feel it?)
it is are love that is coming to life, it is calling from the stars and beyond the galaxy.
(it's just you and me)
in the stars...I see your loving eyes and face that I can't get out of my mind, as my mind wonders and my heart races; I feel my self floating in the water of my tears in the sadness of knowing you are up in space walking on the moon so wont you promise me.
(promise me)
that you'll catch that shooting star just for me my love.
Sparks fly from my heart when ever I'm with you and it's like there's no other boy in the world, so I say this now and make it clear to you that I will all ways love you; find the Star inside the human heart and bring are love to life, so until that day happens I'll be waiting for you!