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Thread: Fool's Glory

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    Fool's Glory

    Fool’s Glory

    When I met first met you
    I fell deeply in love
    With you.

    I once thought that
    You were my prince,
    My knight in shining armor,
    My dark angel
    Come to whisk me away
    From my personal sorrow,
    My personal demons,
    My eternal darkness.

    It seemed so clear
    That I was getting
    Closer to the
    Eternal light
    That start to shine
    Brighter within me.

    But I was wrong
    As all fools
    That fall in love
    Think the same way.

    I realized that the warmth
    Of the eternal light
    Was fading
    And it seemed that
    The eternal darkness that
    I once felt
    Was more comforting than
    The light.

    I was a fool to think
    That the light would save me
    That you my prince,
    My night in shining armor,
    My dark angel
    Would take me a way from it.

    I guess I am a fool.
    A fool who tries to find
    The light hidden darkness
    A fool who thought that
    Darkness can be vanquished
    So easily.

    But then again I am a fool
    A fool who fell
    In love with a so-called
    “Creature of Light”
    Who is nothing more than someone
    Who wants to run from
    Their Eternal Darkness.

    But this is the fool’s glory
    A glory for those fools who
    Fall in love
    And end up getting hurt.

    This glory for us fools
    Is to never give up hope.

    A fool who gives up
    On the flickering light of hope
    Is nothing more than an idiot.

    So tell me
    Dear friends
    Am I fool or am I
    An idiot.

    Only time will tell
    And only I can
    Answer that question.

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    Re: Fool's Glory

    When I kept reading it I thought it was so nice but when it went to the middle it seem so sad a bit. Oh well like things that deal with relationship. So you did an amazing job!!!!! I hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: Fool's Glory

    man this poem is awesome and its so true that letting your heart
    open itself for someone is dangerouse but its a risk some thinks
    is worth the risk becuase the rewards can be great IF sucessfull
    which aperantly this one wasnt. but the poem is still cool and
    show that love is only s fools game if they follow the rules.

    you have to bend them to get what you want in life
    sometimes but all in all its really how you take it to heart
    and being weary next time is best before letting someone
    so close.
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
    I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
    They're one in the same, I must isolate you...
    Isolate and save you from yourself

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