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Thread: Forbidden Love

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    Forbidden Love

    not that much well writen as the last couple of poems , anyways hope you like it

    I tried to Rise to the way
    I always fell in away
    Feelings that kept me
    Surrounded by my haunted dreams
    For along time
    I felt like I needed to be alone
    Away from everything
    Just sit there and suffer
    Just wait there with the tears dropping from its sealed lair
    My soul that was born to see happiness
    Saw nothing but sorrow
    Saw nothing but loneliness
    All the feelings I ever held dear
    Were stolen and taken away from me
    And the ones I hate and fear
    Were left for me without a tear
    I can’t feel happiness
    I can’t feel love
    I can’t feel anything that’s filled with joy
    I can’t feel those feelings that were forbidden
    On a person
    A person that was me
    I tried to run away
    But I never could seem to get away
    From harms evil way
    I am surrounded by my own fears
    And surrounded by my tears
    All the things I ever needed
    I never could have
    Who would believe?
    On a day
    I saw wings
    Beautiful long white wings
    I saw a face that was glowing under the stars and moon
    With eyes that made me feel happy
    Eyes that turned the sorrow into happiness
    An angel standing under the sky
    Reaching and flying high above the sky
    Came to see me smiling to her
    In that moment
    She looked at my eyes
    With her sweet lips
    Smiling towards me
    The first smile
    That ever made me feel warm
    A smile that made me forget
    All about my pain
    All about my loneliness
    A smile that made me happy
    A smile that made me fall for an angel
    An angel I will try to hold between my arms
    An angel that I will try surround with all the love in my heart
    An angel that changed my life with only a smile
    The only angel that ever loved me
    The only angel that covered with her warm loving white wings
    An angel that made me believe
    In love
    And break through my sealed world
    To reach the love that I missed
    The love I never had
    The true sweet warm feeling
    That came from her heart
    The feeling that was forbidden on me
    She made me have the strength to reach
    My forbidden feeling
    My eternal forbidden Love
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: Forbidden Love

    What a poem!! It's deep and awesome!!

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