(Inspired by a story from someone I once knew...)

Teeth still crimson,
to the meal that was of you.
My lips still buzzing,
over your sweet taste.
My mind still wondering,
on how I became this.
Yet my mind also,
uncaring to that same very fact.
I stare into your slightly glazed emerald eyes,
and look deep into your soul.
I brush my fingertips,
over your bare milky complexion.
I turn you to your back,
and lay you there,
making sure that you need not fall,
to fade to the sleep you now need.
I hear you whisper...
"I love you..." as you softly speak,
the name that belongs to me.
"I love you too..."
and softly reply that name,
that could never be less sweet,
that the sweetest honey of the land.
I will finally rest now,
knowing that we will be forever.
My dearest love...
you are now within me.
We are forever in each other's hearts and bodies,
and can be every night.
With this crimson promise...
I shall be yours for all time.