When i found your heart frozen not beating,
I wanted to die and not breathe.
I saw you lying nearly lifeless,
I wanted the pain to end right then and there.

I found the lies that someone said,
they had tried to hurt me once again.
I was between,life and death.
I saw both of us walking hand in hand.

I wanted to spend my forever in your heart.
The frost covered my brain,
and I saw myself travelling down a path.

I saw her who had tried to take you away,
while she said that my loss was her gain.
The other said she was secretly yours.

The pain had deepened as the minutes had passed,
I heard you telling me ,
"You loved me with all your heart."
I believe you, dear heart and you I'd protect.
Just as you told me you wanted to be with me.
I also choosed to spend forever and a day,
just showing you that you mean the world to this weary heart.