Here I stand
with no words to say
like a broken strand.
Should I just walk away?

In this moment
and in this place
my emotion
my heart does chase.

Do I choose to fall
or just keep climbing
to find that light
that seems to always be shining?

Will the light be covered by shadow?
Can it really shine through?
Is it strong enough,
to help me forget.... about you?

In this small world
do I forget about my heart
or do I let it consume me
just let it tear me apart?

Through the dim light
all I see
is a huge crowd saying
there is someone waiting for me.

Is it really possible?
Can it be true,
because I actually thought
that person was you.

I guess I was wrong
and you've helped me see
that you don't care
by rejecting the real me.

I don't know what I can do
or what I have to say
to make my wish come true
by having you stay.

I try not to cry
almost ever single day
but I don't know why I try
because I can't seem to keep the tears away.