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Thread: ~Forget You~

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    Arrow ~Forget You~

    I know the mind~Spaces out,
    I know the rhythm~Times out,
    and I know the heart~feels doubt,
    but if you were patient,
    My mind wouldn't have~changed,
    My rhythm wouldn't have~estranged,
    and My heart wouldn't have~a'flamed,
    and if you were.....
    Forget it,
    You wouldn't Understand it,
    My heart was like a box,
    My key was in your~grasp,
    Something you didn't even have to~ask,
    and if you were............
    Forget it,
    You tossed it aside,trash canned it,
    Why couldn't you mind a~little,
    Why couldn't you beat a stupid~riddle,
    Why didn't you just let me~drown,
    Never had the time to be~aroun'd,
    and if you were.......................
    Since you always~do,
    Erase my memory~too,
    Take me back,~de ja vu,
    No more room left in my~mind,
    No more us,empty~space,
    Rhythm given~back,
    My hearts back on~track,
    Beat's for itself,no~doubt,
    My Life, what it's all~about,
    Good luck with~yours,
    All these scars haunt me no~more,
    Fight your own battles,im done with this~war,
    and if you were-
    There when I called,
    There when I missed that corner,
    There when I hit that water,
    I would still be here, and you'd never of spun out of order,
    Your a selfish person, eyes full of tears,
    Alone for the rest of your years,
    No more Time,No more Rhythm,Broken space,
    How does it~taste?
    Made my decision,
    F.o.r.g.e.t. Y.o.u.

    10-28-10,₪ ßſ£ŊŦ₪ - Hamilton

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    Re: ~Forget You~

    that was a very good poem i loved that i thought it was neat and i think that you should keep up the good work.....
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    Re: ~Forget You~

    I like this poem. Grammatical errors aside, this was a good piece of work. I like the flow and the consistency in feeling. I really like the expression of emotion in your work. Keep it up. ^_^

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