grammar and spelling please look past, ive been critzed for this alot and i dont really care, its the heart of my poems that count

forgotten soul

my soul has been lost and found so many times in the past.
but now im forgotten at this time, and wish i could cast myself back.
this pain that binds me, is the only line holding me to this life.
i wish i could be loved, i wish i wasnt left out.
im a forgotten soul in this day and age.
but even now im still writing a new page.

sooner or later ill be gone, but even now im still not around.
my soul is lost, and my heart frozen, im a ghost of my former self.
i wish that in some way someone could reach me but i fear that noone can.
my heart is just too solid, and noone has the heat to melt it.
ive put notchs in my belt, for those that once where here.
ive cried myself to sleep from all the fear.

im a total outcast, a forgotten whelp.
my life isnt complete, i dont have someone to hold me.
i dont have a shoulder to cry on.
but i continue to march on as a lost soul,
hoping to be found.