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Thread: Four Things I Feel At Once

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    Four Things I Feel At Once

    I feel four things at once
    Right now
    Over here
    With me
    On me
    In me

    I feel as confused as a man walking on stilts with a brick on his head being told to dance around for a danish crumpet while the sound of trumpets fill his ear for the sake of "God Save The Queen" being a remedy for false religions

    That is what I feel
    These four things at once

    Another day Another problem
    With every perfect plan for rest I've made
    You've cindered it in smoke once more

    Why the hell do I do this anyways?
    These plans
    These ways of keeping us at ease

    We weren't exactly the best before this
    We haven't exactly recovered

    But here we are again
    Throwing ourselves over a kettle and into the fire
    With me trying to make it easier to dodge the flames

    And for what?
    So you can do this again?
    So we can risk our lives and relationships and our sanities for your small projects again?

    I lay down for one second
    Just for one second!
    And I find a hole through the wall
    And there you are
    Running for another problem
    As if I was immortal
    As if I was eternal

    Goodness sakes!
    I may be magicman
    I may be ninjaman
    I may be powerman
    I may be timeman
    I may be a box of twiggle matches for all anyone cares!
    But I am not omnipotent!

    I run on these energies called oxygen and other human stuff
    I work on chi and ki and mental psyches
    But I am no eternal energy device
    I have my limits!

    Wonder why you're not tired?
    Because I let you rest
    I let you sleep
    I protect you as the world crashes around us!

    But there you go again...
    Acting as if you survived World War 3
    And asking me to join you once more
    Another day Another problem

    A pond so quiet
    With no flowers or lilies
    When will life return?

    My darling love
    I wait here again for your return
    If not today
    Then another

    I shall always wait for you

    Your sweetness
    and kindness
    Has always filled my heart with ease

    How I long for you to be in my arms again
    How I long to shower you with kisses once more

    For you are mine and I am your's
    May no peace fill me til your return
    For only you are there to fill it

    Til you return
    Use the heart I gave you to find strength,
    Your Darling

    I need sleep.
    No drink no food no peace no time no game no pie no rice no sun no moon no rain no shine no pet no groom no regret no room.
    Just Sleep.
    No wet no stave no bet no slave no arm no guard no barn no harm no dunder no thunder no gun no bottle no phone no net no box no station no cube no printer scanner morning planner keyboard sea sky fly really high book gain whatever that is lame panda bear or whatever anyone may care.
    Just Sleep.
    just sleep...

    A lot of things have been happening this month... my brain, heart, soul, and body really need a rest... -_-ll
    Oh, and I write in an odd-style of freestyle... so if you don't like freestyle, don't read it... no wait, too late. ha.

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    Re: Four Things I Feel At Once

    Really i lkie the way you write this poem ..how you descraib every feeling that you feel...i love it ....i understand the feeling in every part with out the title ...that was a great job.....and really you should take a long rest now....hope to see more..

    Foolish beating

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