A 17-year old girl walks along the beach thinking about how the sand feel between her toes. Until she got hit in the with a beach ball.
"Oww, kun-kun" Said the girl as she falls to the ground.
Another girl walked up to the girl a picked up the beach ball.
"Now come on Voxx get up." Said the girl as she help Voxx up.
"But Doty, kun-kun, isn't normal for a human to get knocked out when it takes a blow to the head, kun-kun?" Said Voxx as she dusted herself off.
"Well yeah if it a brick or something, but don't worry about that," Said Doty as she hands Voxx the ball. "Look Boss sent us to the beach to relax and have fun. So no alien stuff and no powers."
"But what if Prof. E-Vile follow us here, kun-kun, I just got a feeling, kun-kun." Said Voxx.
"Look don't worry if he shows up we have our comunactor, so we can contact the others." Said Doty.
"Yeah, but...kun-kun." Said Voxx as she looked down.
"You know when i said 'no alien stuff' i mean you should stop saying 'kun-kun' at the end of your sentients." Said Doty as she began to walk a way.
"I can't help it, kun-kun, i'm half fox!" Cryed Voxx as she ran after Doty.