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Thread: Friends

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    Re: Friends

    I know you always lend a helping hand when needed. I'm glad that you can write your anger/feelings down and see what we all think about it. Nicely done. Can't wait to read more from you.

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    Re: Friends

    very nicely donE!!!!


    i'll be looking out for more X3

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    Thumbs up Re: Friends

    very well done F&I,just try to remember it's very hard to help fellow humans we're a stubborn lot! i'm sure in time said person will see what u were tring 2 do & thank you 4 it i give my own thanx 4 sharing w/ us as well as a standing ovation!

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    Re: Friends

    Quote Originally Posted by fireandice View Post
    Why do I try
    Why do I bother
    Everytime I hear you cry out
    I still reach out my hand to help
    Knowing full well that you will smack it away

    I want to help
    I want to be there for you
    I want to protect you and lift you up
    So you can fly like I know you can

    I guess I can only stand back and watch
    I guess I can only hope that you do fine on your own

    Someday I'm sure you'll fly
    I'm just sorry that I won't be there to see it
    Some friend I turned out to be
    I'm sorry I failed you
    Whoa . . . this hits very close to home, doesn't it? It's very beautiful, Killer . . . very beautiful, indeed. You didn't fail, Killer. Remember that.
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