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Thread: Friendships never last

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    Friendships never last

    I always want to be right,
    But most of the time I am wrong.
    Why did I have to be right this time?
    Why couldn't I be wrong?
    I don't want to be right this time.
    Every time I think I have a friend that will be my friend forever,
    It always seems to end.
    With me being hurt beyond forgiveness.
    All I ever wanted was a friendship that would last forever,
    But that is impossible.
    You told me, we would be friends forever.
    I wish you were right, but you were not.
    I was right when I said friendships never last forever.

    I wrote this after my ex-boyfriend betrayed me. He said that even if we broke up we would still be friends. What a lie. A couple weeks after I wrote this my best friend betrayed me. Like the poems says friendships never last. Any comments would be nice.
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    i dont agree with because i have a best friend that i new 13 years and i always get into fights with him but we always forgive each other.

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