A friendship is like a song, there are so many

differnt ones, I can't begin to describe them all. A

song can describe what a person is feeling. A song

can make you happy, it can aqlso make you sad.

Songs are like memories, or memories to become.

Songs let you know that your not alone, and that

there are others going through the wame things.

Songs can relate to other songs like a person can

relate to another person. Every song shows a

differnt feeling. They tell a situation or a story

that they went through or what they want to

happen. A song can make you love, a song can

make you hate. A song also make you laugh or

cry. The lyrics and beats express the emotion.

Friendships are like music. They tell the story the

story that you need to hear. When songs are

about a person, they are not directed to a specific

person. Songs are like moods, a state of mind or

emotion. Every song and friendship has a theme

telling what it is about. Songs show imagery, a

set of mental pictures or images. Also, songs are

often ironic, showing the use of words to express

something differnt and often the opposite of their

initial meaning. This can be confusing, like life

itself. Songs, like friendships, are supposed to be

forever. Songs and friendships are supposed to be

true and honest; they are like goals, needing to be

reached. A true friendship to me is precious. I

would do my best and work at keeping it for all

time. To me, you can listen to a song over and

over again, like a friendship, it is supposed to be