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Thread: Funny Poem- How School Works

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    Funny Poem- How School Works

    How School Works

    Today is Monday,
    You're off to that dreaded place,
    5 days a week you spend here,
    You'll never escape!

    You have your books,
    You have your brain,
    When the day is through,
    It'll be in a lot of pain,
    And you have your friends,
    Some good and some great,
    But talk to them too much and you'll be late.

    Keep your grades up though and watch with care,
    Someday you'll look at colleges and say I want to go there,
    So with your head full of knowledge and shoes full of feet,
    If you let it, school can help you accomplish any feat!

    <O: comments plz, im feeling in the joking kinda poem mood lol!>
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