It's coursing through my veins,
Like chunky magma,
Boiling and bubbling.
It works its way through my
Bones and muscles,
Finally flowing through my skin.
I want to scream
Like the raging blast of an
Erupting volcano!
I want to shout
Like the hot wind the blows through
The trees as they burn!
I want to spew forth hot ash and steam,
With molten mudslides streaming down
The sides of my temples.
I scream!
I erupts!
I shout!
I spew!
Now I life dormant,
Hissing hot steam from my
Tearful eyes.
My chest heaves with the
Stress and strain of my extreme explosions.
My heartbeat slows to a steady pace,
My blood cools.
Now I lie dormant,
The people around me cowering in fear.
Fear of my fury and rage.
I sleep now in unsurity.

Copyright - 2006 Daniella Rose Walker (that's moi!)

*I wrote this piece obviously about being angry. However, to give more demension to what I was feeling when I wrote this... My living situation gave way to a more constant, dormant anger... As though I would explode, and then lie quiet again...Like a volcano...*