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Thread: The game

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    The game

    The Game

    The smell of smoke enters the room as they deal the cards.
    Nothing can be heard but the faint sound of breathing.
    There life depends on this deal.

    Some have more then others riding on the cards.
    Rather it is money for living or even the pride of winning.
    No matter every thing is the same in this room.

    It depends on the cards.
    Irritation feels the room.
    Each person gazes at the cards they have gotten.

    Not knowing what to keep or to throw away.
    There life depends on what they think.
    Can they get the cards they need?

    They start to discard.
    Two, three, and four.
    There eyes meet the deck.

    The dealer passes the cards.
    They gaze down on the cards.
    They hesitate to pick them up.

    Fear penetrates there body like a snake bite.
    The venom warms there body.
    Pick them up it whispers in there ears.

    What harm can it do?
    There nothing but cards.
    Silly cards that have no meaning to you.

    Some of them try to shake it off.
    But it lingers like a ghost.
    Pick them up it whispers again.

    Bravely they start.
    Faces of joy and sorrow feel the room.
    They lay down the cards with there hands covering them.

    The time has come they must show what they have.
    It’s all or nothing now.
    It’s over only one is the victor.

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    Re: The game

    Wow.....i can almost feel the tension building up when you wrote this......
    I also like how you put that into words........
    Great job!!!!!!

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