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Thread: Garbled Aspiration To Be Like Tolkien

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    Garbled Aspiration To Be Like Tolkien

    Please don't read this seriously; it's supposed to be at least a little comical. And don't ask me what I was thinking when I wrote it. And no, it isn't really supposed to make sense. I actually have no idea what any of you will think of it...so I'm taking a bit of a risk this way.


    My memory is the size of a toothpick point,
    my speech as feeble as a dislocated joint.
    Had I been a renowned fantastical scholar like Tolkien,
    I’d have not blasted all reality in my head to smithereens.
    But I am me, a human of sorts
    that laughs, spazzes, and makes some loud snorts.
    I am weird to the fullest, no doubt that may be;
    I cry so absurdly and yell so obscene.
    I jump in and out of meter and rhyme
    like a scatter-brained Tigger all the time.
    I’d pay attention in class if I could,
    but I don’t always do as I should.
    Such like this poem, perhaps,
    with all its mishaps.
    It’s a little out of place I think.
    Compared to scholarly writing, it’s a kink.
    This is what I do when I can’t write well:
    it’s a mess of a jumble of words from Hell.
    The topic’s not really stated clearly.
    I think my skills are lacking severely.
    But in all honesty, I truly believe
    that Tolkien’s Middle Earth was initially not wholly perceived.
    Because in the beginning, he probably started from scratch
    and out of his head came hobbits and orc rift-rafts.
    If in some age, my memory and speech dwindle,
    I’ll still aspire to create a world, though less simple.

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    Re: Garbled Aspiration To Be Like Tolkien

    IT is both serious and funny at times. it holds a place in my heart since one of my favorite poesm is Lament Of The Winds.

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    Re: Garbled Aspiration To Be Like Tolkien

    This made me giggle!

    Tolkien inspired me to pick up the pen and write at a very young age... So the title caught my attention. :3

    I actually like it, lol! I like that it's scatter-brained and doesn't quite makes sense... Mainly because within the poem itself you actually say that it's just that... So the reader can't be surprised... After reading it you say, "Oh yeah... You were right on that!"

    Fun read, thanks for posting. ^.^

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