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Thread: Get Dressed for Mourning

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    Get Dressed for Mourning

    Down goes the sun with its effervescent blanket of light and lies,
    Night comes swiftly with no warning telling the sun to rest with my,
    Optimistic, hopeful, festive, cheerful, happy look on life,
    Place my face within my hands to sleep in beams from the moon's strife.
    I know when I wake up to the sun's veil of light nothing will change,
    It shines blunt and bland across skies anything within long blue range.
    Tears from the moon, floating melancholy, have no destination,
    Floating onwards lifeless coming as a newly born creation.
    Once upon the wish of falling stars that knew their time had come,
    I fell silent with a note by my side with my body numb.


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    Re: Get Dressed for Mourning

    it was ok but very hard to read. try putting them into stanzas so it'll be easier to read/write.
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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