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Thread: Ghosts in the Dark

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    Ghosts in the Dark

    He is tired.
    Tired of his words being ignored.
    He is sick of being pestered by ghosts,
    those who have no place in his life...

    The darkness begins to swell within him.

    It grips his heart and invades his mind.
    The anger grows like a volcano about to erupt.
    His eyes are now red and his head begins to pound.
    He is the embodiment of wrath, the avatar of animosity,

    He is the personification of acrimony.

    Hungry. Not for sustinance,
    he is hungry for malice.
    Starving for malevolence.
    The hunger will not stop until
    he sees the screaming face of
    the ghosts haunting him.

    At that time, they will scream in horror...

    He is tired.
    Tired of the ghosts of his past following him.

    They will stop... He will make them.
    No longer will the darkness over come him.
    By eliminating one dark force, his hunger will end.
    He will be satisfied...

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    Re: Ghosts in the Dark

    That's not a poem about me being black is it just kidding body body.

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    Re: Ghosts in the Dark


    First, hats off to this very well written piece! You are successful at not rhyming, I wish I could say the same for myself.

    Now as to the more deeper meaning behind this. Perhaps I thought a bit too hard. Trying to dicpher. What I can say is, I have had my own battles with the ghosts of my past. Earlier today infact, I found myself all choked up and tangled in all my bad decisions and regrets. The past can have so much power over a person if they allow it. And I suppose I should be the last to offer advice on the matter. My past is still raping me. Hurting me, even as I type this.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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