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Thread: Girl envys Guitar

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    Girl envys Guitar

    I fell in love with this boy
    Who couldn’t love be back
    So wrapped in his guitar
    He had no time to react

    I loved him till death
    And he for his guitar
    O how I envied it
    The situation so bizarre

    But how I can’t lie
    I love the way he stroked it
    I felt shivers all over
    Sweet mercy I loved it

    How I carved his attention
    For one sweet moment
    Just to let him see
    My everlasting lovein

    So I sit there with my lover too.
    I pressed all the keys
    And like I expected
    I made him sing

    He had his sweet guitar
    That I envied so
    I had something too
    It was senor piano

    The young rock star
    Loved my sweet music
    In my song I played to him
    How we are a perfect fit

    He played with me
    And o so sweetly
    He was wrapped in me
    Now who is doing the envying?
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    Re: Girl envys Guitar

    ^_^ OMG! I just love this poem... you write such great poems Shippo... indeed wonderful!!!! I love this!!!!!!!! Enjoyed reading it sooo much!!!!!! I admire your writing!!! All your poems have such an interesting story in them- this one too is funny, still a bit sad tooo... It's great!!!
    I'm really waiting forward to the next one!!!!!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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