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Thread: A Girl with a Rose

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    A Girl with a Rose

    a girl with a flower
    walking down the road
    her hood over her head
    the rain is like mist
    soaking her hair

    she stops to fix the lace
    of her black converse shoe
    when she's done she stands
    but only to have to crouch down
    to have to pick up the rose

    the rose wasnt special
    not given with love
    merely picked from a bush
    there was no meaning
    behind the thorns
    just a dark red rose
    plucked out of boredom

    she continues walking
    looking at her surroundings
    to her left was a shrub
    more like a hedge
    to have come to her waist
    beyond the plant was a wall
    the gray bricks only darker
    thanks to the water

    to her right was a road
    made of black asphalt
    reflecting the street lamps
    and the occasional car headlights

    she noticed a boy
    he had no jacket
    he approached her on his bike
    but got off at her side
    he asked her the hour
    and to borrow her phone
    she kindly obliged
    and handed him the device

    when he was done
    he thanked her and left
    not even a name
    was exchanged

    she looked up at the sky
    the distant clouds
    were beginning to part
    but it would be awhile
    untill the rain stops

    she looked down at the rose
    the misty rain
    had gently placed dewdrops
    on its velvet pedals
    she marveled at its beauty
    and continued walking

    she was feeling odd
    in a way not known to her
    like something
    was going to happen
    but she wasnt sure
    wheather it was good
    or bad

    she came to an intersection
    to her left was a coffee shop
    right was a gas station
    she turned left
    to stop for a drink

    she left with a esspresso
    her mom hates when she gets that
    she didnt care
    it was her money

    she continued walking
    the cup was warm
    in her hand
    it was welcoming
    another uncommon feeling

    the crossing button
    was cold and slippery
    she pressed it many times
    not that she was in a hurry
    she was just entertained
    by the beeping noise
    it gave when she did

    the light turned green
    and she took her first steps
    she looked down at the flower
    you forgot about it
    didn't you

    the water was still there
    it shone with a brilliance
    the light as bright
    as the SUVs headlights
    that dropped her
    to the ground

    on the cold wet road
    that she stopped to gaze at
    reflecting the street lamps
    just like the one
    next to the coffee shop
    that she stopped to get a drink

    the same kind of drink
    that the biker had gotten
    after he called his friend
    to tell him to meet him there
    with the phone
    he had borrowed
    when he stopped her
    to ask for it

    during that call
    she focused on the rose
    the one with no meaning
    behind the thorns
    that had cut her skin
    of the palm of her hand

    the thorns she avoided
    when she stopped for a minute
    to carefully pluck
    from the group of roses
    on the bush

    people surrounded
    her motionless body
    including a boy
    with a freshly picked rose

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    Re: A Girl with a Rose

    Oh, she died. Sad day. B3
    It's a really long poem, but it still has the creativity of someone who's actually original.

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    Re: A Girl with a Rose

    that was a good poem, i think it signifies that everything has meaning, no matter if you have no clue what it is. it was good.

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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