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Thread: God

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    I reach my hands out and begin to shout
    Screaming until I can't breathe no more
    Tears streak my face and my heart pounds
    All my pain is washed away

    He swoops me up and holds me close
    Embracing my heart with his love
    He cleaned me out and made me new
    Giving me a new idenity

    Child of God is how I am defined
    A person made to be with him
    All my love now his
    All my life is now given to God

    God is all I need to live
    He is the air I strive to breathe
    He is the water I thirst to drink
    He is the blood that flows through me

    He is all in one and one in all
    He is every where at all times
    He is loving and caring
    He is our gracious God

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    Re: God

    "God" poem like All lines are heart touching .WOW!

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