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Thread: God of the Fiddle Players

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    God of the Fiddle Players

    The wilting sun catches them centre stage, taking a
    Well - deserved breather. Safely shieded by the big top,
    Easy for me to applaud for more. An old - timer's
    Favorite, my mom would say.

    Surveying the dance floor, my generation is damn - near
    lost. Even me, I don't know how to promenade
    Properly, let alone that quick heel - toe - on - the - spot
    Step. Gyrating to a techno - beat is more my history.
    Then again, who can dig roots in the city?

    I have to ask a freind about being Metis, what there is
    To be proud of. Because she's an elder, she says just
    Watch, listen, later, we join the pilgrimage to the
    Graveyard, go to the museum.

    They have a special show using mannequins to
    Re - enact the Northwest Resistance. Weeping openly, I
    Got to meet the heroes I was ashamed of in school.

    That summer, the God of the Fiddle Players visited
    Batoche. I bought my first sash; wearing it proudly
    Around the house, practicing the ins & outs of jigging.
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    Re: God of the Fiddle Players

    Yes very educational! I had to do some homework on the metis culture (because I wasnt very knowledgable). Any poem that makes me WANT to research it must be a good one. Keep up the good work.
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