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Thread: Good Bye, Yesterday

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    Good Bye, Yesterday

    That painful cast
    Was never needed in my quest
    Or called in my request
    between the mirror of my dreams
    My fate alaways said : abused
    My hope was between all those treats
    I ask you " are you amused ? "
    I am here crying in pain
    and you are smiling with happiness
    You destroyed all that i gain
    Your hearts hold such coldness
    And i am the oppisite of you " i am not the same "
    This place is not what i call a home
    My past set my journey to be alone
    Because no matter how hard i try
    Nothing seemed to be right
    The past against my future, it seems it's becoming a fight
    But things just might
    Turn unsuspectingly right
    It just might
    Change during the night
    I am tired
    I think it's time to go to sleep
    I feel happiness for this do deep
    Forget, forget
    All that you might regret
    Rest now
    It's not the time to be so down
    My heart screamed
    In it's last eternal dream
    And still saying:
    I can't hardly wait
    Untill my memories get off my case
    Forever away from my sight
    I can't hardly wait so i can get out of this maze
    So long since everything been right
    At last to my dream
    I surrender to it tonight
    This will be my last scream
    Toward this fated beam
    Good bye, king and queen
    I don't care if you rule this without me
    I will not turn anymore
    To see how things will be
    That yesterday
    Is no more today
    Now as i rest in my final dream
    Remember today
    The last words i will say
    " Good Bye, Yesterday...Nomore will you stand in my way "
    The past that consumed me
    Now it's locked away with no key
    Yesterday , farewell
    From now on this is how things will be...
    Yesterday, no more will you hang on my tree...
    from today
    I Am Free...
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Otaku White_Mage88 may be famous one day White_Mage88 may be famous one day
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    Re: Good Bye, Yesterday

    I love this poem. One of the best I think I've read in a while. It was full of so much emotion. You did a very good job on it.

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    Re: Good Bye, Yesterday

    Very very nice, and I know how you feel. I know someone is bound to tell you it's too long but it's not, I thought it was a good length and it all fell together nicely.
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