I Remember that day
You said goodbye and you
You walked out
Its Been a Couple of years
Since then
I keep asking daddy
Wheres mommy
When will she be back
Is She ok
And all he can tell me is
I dont know
I hear him every night
Crying in his room
He holds your picture
He asks him self
Can i keep doing this
One Night is worse
Then the last
Then one morning
I go into daddys room
He wont wake up
I lay on him
Im crying
He wont wake up
Hes just laying there
I call 911
Im little so i dont know
What to say
Well now i know
Daddys gone
Mommys gone
Im the only on left
I keep living
I thrive
I have a drive to be better
For my mom and dad
I try twice as hard
3 times and hard
As all the other kids
But I still cry
Myself to sleep
Because all the other
Kid have there parents
Telling them good job
Way to go
Some times
I forget Which way to go

Its long and not that great but oh well