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Thread: Goodbye and farewell ^^

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    Otaku Robo Soccer Champion, Gorillaz Groove Session Champion blackrose92 is off to a good start blackrose92's Avatar
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    Re: Goodbye and farewell ^^

    ahhhh^^ i love your poem but dont ever leave! lol ill missu if you do*tear tear*

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    the sign says "in a black hole". Is that even possible?!?!
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    Re: Goodbye and farewell ^^

    I have to say, Great rhyme scheme. I hope your not actually planning on leaving though.
    I expect to see more from you *glares until you write another*

    A big thanks to Renn for the sig! THANK YOU!

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    Re: Goodbye and farewell ^^

    Kuwi!!!! Don't scare me like that!!! I almost started crying here, I thought: "She left and I wasn't even here to say goodbye? @.@ Kuwi? No way... and I thought putting her on as a symbol of AO joyfullness" People don't do this!!! you stress me out! If you write a goodbye poem, please note if it's not ment as leaving AO! At least the green smilie here calmed me...

    Anyways this is a very cool poem, eems very smart, quite sad but with a light of wonderful hope too ^^ It was nice to read this... I hope I'll see more ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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