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Thread: Goodbye Forever

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    Goodbye Forever

    Who can turn the world around,
    When everything seems to be upside down?
    Broken bodies, thrown to the ground,
    I only know how to drown.

    Spirits that fly can be awoken,
    While our ghostly hearts remain unbroken,
    Finding it hard to say goodbye,
    Who will know when it's their turn to die?

    Praying hands, birds that sing,
    Who will know what their life will bring?
    Heated afternoons, cool morning rain showers,
    Colorful various garden flowers.

    These are something that I'll miss,
    While I watch this world in bliss,
    Slowly fade away with time,
    As the broken church bells faintly chime.

    It is time for me to go,
    I will surely miss the winter snow,
    As a hand above helps me climb,
    Up the stairs, I know it is finally my time.

    Goodbye for good,
    I watched as you stood,
    Beneath the cloudy sky,
    As you suddenly begin to cry.

    I will return to you one day,
    Just as long as you continue to pray,
    Hoping for me to stand next to you,
    Only to bid you a final adieu.

    Think of this as an elderly woman succumbing to the terrible pain that cancer has given her, finally being set free from the pain, saying goodbye to her loved ones.
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    Re: Goodbye Forever

    Beautiful, absolutaley beautiful. I true poem about something we all have experienced. You should try to get this published.

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