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Thread: Guess this is goodbye...

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    Guess this is goodbye...

    Never thought I would lose you
    Now I have I been feeling blue....
    Traveling throw the states I pass yours
    Just wishing I could see you once more...

    Always thought that you would be mine...
    Wishing you be the one I fined
    Just wishing all this could be gone
    It's just been much to long...

    I thought we always be together
    I thought we would last forever...
    Feeling like my heart is braking...
    This is more then I could be taking

    Coming throw couldn't help but cry...
    Letting out a big sigh
    I just wish you was still mine
    I guess this is truly goodbye........

    *~A moment like this we will never be able to go back. Holding you like this wanting the time to stop. Just the two of us we don't need words.~*

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    Re: Guess this is goodbye...

    My this is really good and the way it has stunned me in motion when you mention about you letting out to cry thats really unique and very precise on your work please keep on working more with your poems i would enjoy reading more from your work before i post mine as well even though mine is not thoroughly complete but i will post it in at least a couple of days. well keep me updated with new poems that are being posted and enjoy yourself by expressing more of your poetry skills.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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