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Thread: Guilty Gear: Immoral Flame

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    Guilty Gear: Immoral Flame

    Ky Kiske walked the dark, cold pews of the abandon church. The wood was rotting and falling apart, crumbling slowly as the world just walked ahead. The shadows of the staind glass was the only thing haunting the church. Ky looked ahead and jumped onto the creeky floorboard above the pews. His body glowed with a electric aura as he paced around, anxiously waiting.
    "It's been way, too long Ky." Sol yelled. His voice echoed throughout the church. The rain slammed into the staind glass, but Sol stood under the broken glass.
    "S--Sol?! What are you doing here?!" Ky replied. A thunderous strike filled the night sky.
    "Well Ky, a long time ago we left things unfinished." Sol smirked, he raised his hands as his hands began to glow white, his fist bursted and fire imploded from inside.
    "Now Ky, The fated duel will now be finished!" Sol yelled, he bagan to glow more and more till his body was luminated a red aura. The rain sizzled as it touched Sol's skin.
    "Grand Viper!" Sol yelled, his body slid across the ground towards Ky as a trail of fire was left behind.
    "Sol.. wait!" Ky yelled he put his sword up in front of him and crouched to the ground. Sol smashed his blade into Ky's blade which sent him flying back.
    "C'mon Ky this is what we have been waiting for since that day." Sol's body began to glow, but was quickly melting the floor underneath him. The church was beginning to catch on fire.
    "Sol, think your gonna get us both killed!" Ky began to charge and a sudden bolt of lightning flashed through his body. The church was now completley on fire. Ky began to Run through one of the closests windows, but sol Caught up and launched a birade of flames. Ky shot a bolt of lightning through the flames which struck Sol in the chest knocking him off the upper level of the church. Ky jumped down with his sword stright out aiming right at Sol. Sol lifted his foot and kicked the sword from underneath him, "Grand Viper!" Sol yelled.
    He slid down on the ground and made a firery uppercut to Ky launching him into the air. Ky recovered in the air and did his ride of lightning attack, his body was now enveloped in a blue aura as electricity circled his body. Sol began to Guard but was suddenly struck with Ky's electricity. Sol was knocked through the wall from the burning chapel. Sol fell into the mud as the rain poured and poured onto the warriors. Ky came chargin after Sol, He jumped into the air and launched a Arrow or electricity. Sol blocked and used the blast to launch him into the air. Sol slashed Ky on the shoulder and then gave another blow to his stomach. Sol then sent his fist into a burning rage and struck ky to the ground, his body bounced up as mud and blood sprayed in the air, Sol then did a roman cancel and a red "X" blew out from his body. Sol then launch a flame attack towards Ky, Ky's body then was sent flying and was knocked to the ground.
    Ky's body laid motionless, the burning church luminated the sky. "Ky... get up, you can't possibly be done!" Sol panted. His body began to lose it's glow as he fell to his knees. Ky began to breath again and cough out blood, he lifted his body and stabbed his sword into the ground leaning upon it.
    "Sol.. when do we finish this?" Ky asked as he tried to catch his breathe.
    "Whenever your ready!" Sol replied, Ky then lifted his sword, as did Sol. They both held thier swords and began to gather strength. At the same time Sol and Ky swung thier swords down.. then all was heard as a slash.

    Hope you like, it's just the begining.a

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    Re: Guilty Gear: Immoral Flame

    good story, i lil hard to read coz there was any spacing between the paragraphs but tht's jus my preference......nice way to leave the story like an anime style at a cliffhanger. Keep it up

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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    Re: Guilty Gear: Immoral Flame

    my poor ky always seems to be the one on the floor. well--- i like him that way ^^ rather than to be like Sol... too strong and brutal ^^"
    sheep supports Kenpachi-san's fan fic~ go go go!
    matteimasu! XD
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