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Thread: HAiku Everyone??

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    HAiku Everyone??

    Mods please dont delete this even if a thread before this was started w/c is in the japanese culture...At least this Haiku was on the right place but the first thread entitled the same as this just wants opinion of others but mine's wants the works of others..please allow this...This may have same title to others but it has a different aim...

    HAIKU- short poem in japanese literature. It is only composed of three lines with a specific number of syllables for each line like for example, 5 in the first line,7 in the next,5 again in the last line....

    Here's a Haiku:


    Mostly white as seen, (5)
    Swims gracefully among ponds, (7)
    Those are birds called swans. (5)

    Now let's see if you could make your own....
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