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Thread: Happiness is a Warm Gun

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    Happiness is a Warm Gun

    She’s not a girl who misses much
    She’s well acquainted with
    the touch of the velvet hand
    Like a lizard on a window pane
    The man in the crowd with the
    multicolored mirror on his hobnail boots
    Lying with his eyes while his
    hands are busy working overtime
    A soap impression of his wife which
    he ate and donated to the National Trust
    I need a fix cause I’m going down
    Down to the bits that I left uptown
    I need a fix cause I’m going down
    Mother Superior jump the gun
    Mother Superior jump the gun

    Happiness is a warm gun

    When I hold you in my arms
    and I feel my finger on you trigger
    I know nobody can do no harm
    Because Happiness is a warm gun

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    Re: Happiness is a Warm Gun

    This is a Beatles song of the same title...I'm not even a fan and I know that. Please do not post the work of others, whether it be poems, song lyrics, etc., without giving due credit to the original authors. Additionally, the AO poetry forum is for members' own, original works, so you shouldn't be posting anything here that you didn't write yourself.

    Across The Universe - Happiness Is A Warm Gun Lyrics

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