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Thread: Happy Holidays...

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    Happy Holidays...

    With every step you take
    You walk another mile from my arms
    Your hearts seems just that much colder
    With each step you take

    The snow outside falling represents global mirth
    Everyone should be smiling now a glow in their eyes
    Yet you would still walk over my heart
    How typical of a bitch like you

    I laid at your feet my soul and you just kicked it aside
    Tossing it into the Christmas chill
    In a flash my heart was on the floor again
    Beaten upon like some worn out bongo

    This was suppose to be one of those storybook loves
    The kind where we live happily forever
    I guess you wanted to do a U-turn
    To throw away all that I gave you

    Without you I can’t stand life
    The world seems that much darker without your eyes
    I hope you can’t live with yourself for what you’re making me do
    I just wish I could see your face when you read my note

    The lies I’ll make will astonish all and everyone will shun you
    My suicide will teach you
    This is the last holiday we’ll share
    I hope you get what you want

    The fog's starting to clear... a little.
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    Re: Happy Holidays...

    The flow is just awesome.

    I'd like to see some of your owrk posted in the clan every now and then.
    Seduced by Flesh

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