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Thread: Hazel Haven

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    Hazel Haven

    This is a poem about someone I love very much. It's really short...but it wasn't that way when I wrote it didn't look that way 0.O

    Thoughts brilliantly plastered with floral

    My iris lined with pastels.

    The chords of my brain settled
    with blue electricity.

    Neon swirling inside my mind,
    my heart beating one step behind.

    Hands like clouds, he tames the frost
    that is my skin.

    Lips laced with
    velvet trace the
    dry indentions of mine.

    In those hazel orbs
    I see everything I could never be,
    for once I feel these tears won't melt me.
    Dear Dinah...

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    Re: Hazel Haven

    well thats great to see people expressing themselfs love the poem even if it is sort

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