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Thread: Heights I soar **changing my views**

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    Heights I soar **changing my views**

    Before you came
    I used to think I was nothing.
    I'd only be just your average kid,
    always doing what was expected.

    We became friends
    you taught me to soar .
    Making me see things
    I couldn't have seen before.

    My usual gloomy ,
    oh so rotten side.
    You changed all that
    to make me see the brighter side. .

    Without saying a word,
    I started to fall.
    You make me do things
    I wouldn't have done before.

    You changed my views
    to see the bigger picture.
    You made me complete
    You knew what i needed.

    The tantrums I threw,
    The mood swings I had.
    You saw me at my best
    You took me at my worst.

    When all the world ,
    hated me for falling for you.
    You just stayed by my side
    You said trust what i knew.

    When all the world
    will turn their back on you.
    We both reach certain heights,
    completing each other's view.

    ***author's note: this is what i would have entered in this month's POTM" theme changes ***
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