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Thread: Her False Tears

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    Her False Tears

    i was just thinking about the past and just beging to right a poem

    She cried as though it was her last breath.
    She was a good act but totally false.
    She said that she loved him until death.
    She was a total liar who's best act was stealth.

    She agreed to a meeting from him clandestine.
    They met half way, and she offered it all.
    He did not request that which she gave.
    It was simply a ploy to hurt and pour oil.

    So if you ever deal with a venemous viper.
    First get an antidote to the poison it spits,
    Dont be taken in by her offer of pleasure.
    Just remenber love is more than a nice smile

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    Re: Her False Tears

    Sounds like me though..Am not lying to anyone but it seems Iit really got into me...
    Nice poem and I really like it much^^
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: Her False Tears

    Finally the rebel steps out of her shell. I have been waiting for this day Lelouch, When you would step out of posting poems in others posts. Now you have finally taken center stage. There are a lot of newer people in the forum these days. You, LadyJulieHale, dark1angel. You guys are tearing it up, and rock on.

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