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Thread: here i am ur old toy

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    here i am ur old toy

    here i am alone forgatten
    like an old toy left to a side,
    here i am alone with dust
    falling with no end,i am like
    a memory in you that is coming to
    an end, i am just one day in a
    thousand that u will have,
    i am diying here slowy,
    i cant get u aout of me,
    but you are getting me out
    of you, and thats what hurts the
    most deep in side me,
    each day that passes and i
    i think of you it hurts more
    that the day before, yet all it is
    a friendship to you, since all i can do is love u from
    a far, even if cant stand to
    loose you, i cant fight for u since
    i dont know what u feel for me,
    but all i hope is that i dont end up
    alone like an old abandoned toy.
    death is not a final goodbey...but...a see you later.
    by me ^_^.

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    nice i like it. full of emotions and i can tell your speaking from your heart. just not from paper.

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