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Thread: Highlights From Today

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    Highlights From Today

    As I sit in my room
    I think about my day
    I hug my knees tight around my legs
    And all I do is stare blankly at the floor
    A single tear rolls down my cheek,
    and slowly I wipe it away
    I spot the blood-stained blade across from me
    and I look down at the white wrappings around my wrists

    I keep asking myself questions, and keep crying silently
    I squeeze my eyes so tight, I can't control the tears from falling
    So I stand up reluntently at the sound of my sister voice
    And I walk over to a mirror to clean the black stains under my eyes
    As I swing open the door to my room, I walk past my sisters form
    She calls my name, but i don't hesitate
    Down the stairs and out the door I go
    I walk silently down the street
    I stop by the bridge and I look down at ocean below my feet
    I close my eyes as I take a deep breath, and I let out my final tear

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    Re: Highlights From Today

    Correct punctuation would make the poem flow better. I like the perspective of the poem.
    Seduced by Flesh

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