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Thread: Hikus' for the heart

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    Hikus' for the heart


    Dreams are so unreal
    Unless it truly feels real
    So dreams are for real



    I'm sorry my love
    But I had to let you go
    So our love'll grow



    Such a lovely scent
    Flowers made from the heavens
    A true loves icon



    I will walk alone
    Away from this human home
    Demons have no home


    Writers' Purpose,

    I have a purpose
    A purpose to write away
    Write my heart away
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
    I'm a solider of Pen and Paper!
    <3 Atomik_Sprout <3

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    Re: Hikus' for the heart

    crazy girl were do you get your ideas from there is something when you write that why i read your work cause there is somtihng interesting to look forward to it was ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    poohs my boo

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