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Thread: Hold On

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    Hold On

    Hold On

    Memories pass with tear stained ledges.
    Cracked roses wilt and die away.
    Murmur of whispers spread across ridges,
    sing sweet melodies of a painful day.

    Noon comes to pass with sigh,
    and night fallows in shame of breath.
    Wishing one day to cease and die,
    but silently holding on to what’s left.

    Hope streams down your cheek,
    brushing across soft ashen skin,
    looking for that of which you seek,
    a peaceful life to live again.

    You dream of false debts,
    while your hands clasp in fear.
    The sheets moist with sweat,
    you awaken brisk and clear.

    Like wiping webs from a path,
    your mind clear and cool.
    You remember of your past,
    how the blood used to pool.

    You fill the beat in your throat,
    a burdened heart trudging on.
    Wondering if you’re to choke,
    with a burst heart broken and done.

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    Re: Hold On

    A rhymng poem, coolies ^_^ It's emotional and not too long. Don't think it needs work as well.

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    Re: Hold On

    Nice imagery. I actually enjoyed your choice of words.
    Seduced by Flesh

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