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Thread: Holding back (memories)

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    Holding back (memories)

    I gotta take a little time
    to hold back my memories
    to think things over
    and not pass the line
    so if i need them for when im older
    through the clouds i see sunshine
    in my life i have suffer a lot
    i dont know if i cant hold it anymore

    I need a little time
    to think about thinks around me
    and go back were i happy
    i go no were elss to hide
    is like i finally found my dream
    cant stop now
    i have made it so far
    this can change my life
    even if no one is on my side

    I know i will live
    as a calm spirit
    now i can feel it
    that in my life has been love
    and i cant be stoped
    by shatterd memories
    that have been holding m back
    since i left from my home
    to the cold world

    perdoname michelle!

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    Re: Holding back (memories)

    You have a great outlook on things that is what makes this poem so good. I like it alot,but if you could make it longer that would be better let those feelings out and dont hold back.

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    Re: Holding back (memories)

    bravo! memories that we want to keep often seem to fade the quickest.so you hold as hard as you can!

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    Re: Holding back (memories)

    How creative!!! Bravo on the memories!! I love how you talked about it!!! It was just simply amazing! I hope to read more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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