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Thread: Home of Enternal Darkness

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    Talking Home of Enternal Darkness

    In the middle of a sunny pach of forest is a girl of 17 running being chased by a monster.
    "Black Lash!" Yelled the girl as she swing her bamboo pole behind her.
    The monster coght her pole and thew it into the bushes. The girl fell to her kness as she wait for her death by the moster.
    Suddenly the monster stop and began to shake from terror, the monster ran away crying.
    After that the girl got up and wonder what made it Run off. There was a sound from the bushes and a boy of 18 with his pet a Gato came from the bushes.
    "you drop this" Said the boy as he handed the girl her pole. The boy's name is Shine Deca-Demon and he wore a very long slved shirt that covers his claw and baggy pants that almost covered his boots.
    "Thank you," Said the girl as she took her pole back "You look very tired."
    "Oh. Well i always look like that." Said Shine as he was about to walk away.
    "Please wait! I....I don't know your name" Said the girl as she walked after Shine.
    Shine looked down at Gato. Gato just meowed and hissed, "Right, right my name........My name is Uso" Said Shine as he looked up at the girl.
    "My name is Kyru, please come back with me you look like you could really need a rest." Said Kyru as he chased after Shine.
    Shine stopped in his tracks and looked downed at Gato. Gato hissed and shoked her head 'No!'. "......right i'll come with you." Said Shine as he turn to Kyru.
    "Okay, my village is right thogh these woods" Said Kyru as she lead the way.
    Gato hissed at Shine, "Sorry, but if i didn't do anything she would have gotten killed by that moster." Said Shine as he looked down at Gato.

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    Re: Home of Enternal Darkness

    wow that was freaking kool, i like the part where the big huge monster was chasing the 17 year old girl.

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