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Thread: Homicidal Jenny

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    Homicidal Jenny

    Jenny, my best friend
    Pretty girls hide the worst secrets...

    Homicidal Jenny killed someone today
    She crept into the house for a killers murder play
    Jenny snuck into the bedroom and stood before the bed
    She pulled out her, ahem, water gun and shot em in the head

    Homicidal Jenny killed a man last night
    She got him 50 times with a blunt butter knife
    I love my bloody Jenny with her red stained hands
    A world full of people, a new death to plan

    There once was a pretty little nice girl called Michelle
    She was the little sister who threated that she'd tell
    Wholesome Jenny there,
    Threw her in a wood chipper and watched her skin go bare

    Driving down the highway past the cold witching hour,
    Some jerk cut Jenny off, apparently a big man of power
    Her murder smiled showed and she did by him real well
    Now he's just some ash maybe burning up in Hell

    Her special, special bullets will never be done
    She killed all her family, even the cat, there's no one left to stun
    Jenny and her corpses...
    I love that girl


    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Homicidal Jenny

    Ha, I really like this. Flawed.

    It was creepy and funny at the same time.

    The only thing I could say was that sometimes the rhythm was off due to the inconsistency in the number of syllables on one line.

    But it's still very good and hope to see more!

    Thanks to _gwenibe_ for this awesome sig!

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    Re: Homicidal Jenny

    *twitch* I came into this thinking I was gonna hate it but, it was so morbid and upbeat at the same time that I had to love it. Very nice. O.o

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    Re: Homicidal Jenny

    Ha ha ha.. This has to be one of the greatest poems I've read on AO or anywhere else.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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