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Thread: Hope

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    This is a poem that I wrote for my best bud.

    Don't cry
    It'll be okay
    Everything'll be fine
    Look on the bright side.

    Those are the things I tell you
    so you won't cry
    so you won't despair
    so you won't give up hope.

    I know what you're going through
    I know how you feel
    Just don't give up hope

    Hold your head up high
    and smile
    "Don't worry, be happy"
    Just don't give up hope

    But rememember this,
    that I will always be there for you
    through thick and thin
    and help you when you are in need
    so you won't give up hope.

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    Re: Hope

    lol, its really good not to give up hope, i give it a 10, nice and keep up the good job, hope to read more from your work

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