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Thread: How!

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    How can one feel extremely cold and burning hot at the same time?
    If everything is in white or black can one stil discern the grey?
    Is it possible for someone to be dead on the inside but alive on the surface?
    Can water be ice and vapour at once?
    Is it allowed within human laws to have the essence of innocence and the devil in one body?
    How can you feel happy and depressed within the same minute?
    Can anything move if there is no energy present?

    All of these either cannot or is thought not to be possible.
    So, how can one totally hate, loathe another... and yet be entirely in love with them?

    'Cause this is how i feel about you...
    Life's short so have a laugh about it

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    Re: How!

    I really like this "How!" Makes one think and it made me think about writting that storie, witch is good because otherways I'd put it away for some more time...

    Just read it again... it really makes me think... good work with that. It's all possible, but it's just the way we, humans are...

    Nice work here Serenity, really nice... I'm always glad to see new writers (I think this is the first work by you I see), it's a nice surprise after not being able to get on for a week... ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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