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Thread: How Can We Believe in Heaven?

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    How Can We Believe in Heaven?

    Darkest of the nights,
    Filled with stars shining
    So bright into the blight
    That covers over heaven.

    How can we believe in heaven?
    For what purpose is it here?
    Every step forwards we imagine
    Walking along the lines of fear

    Is there a secret to this door,
    A marker to trace the way?
    Every step makes shattered glass
    And every fall sweeps us away

    Further away we grieve the lost
    And dive again into the sea
    We hook onto the hinges of
    Our coalescent reality

    Closer to the door again,
    You can feel the blinding light
    As it burns your mortal skin
    Your very soul takes flight
    Writhing and ringing into a spin
    What reality lay below?
    How can we believe in heaven
    when the winds beg us not to go?

    Or maybe we are deaf
    Perhaps we are blind to this
    The voice of our world around us
    We believe the soul doesn't exist
    But inside we truly hope
    and with a shed of fear we try
    To listen to the voices
    In the sands of time

    How can we believe in heaven?
    Does it's gateways haunt our dreams?
    Far beyond the eyes of a Dragon
    It's golden mystery gleams

    Perhaps our world is not here,
    Maybe we have found God's fear
    For finite beings lost at best
    Shatter time as we let rest
    Our hands and feet at the door,
    Where spirits let in no more
    Ousted from the golden run
    These strains of hope our golden sun
    Shattered as we try to run
    To what answers we implore

    To find no shining gates up high
    We seek that fire in the sky
    But it's already gone, catch-able, nigh
    So here we are, breathing tonight..
    With each other, Only...
    In our eyes.

    "Walk in with Reason, and leave with Passion."

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    Re: How Can We Believe in Heaven?

    I really enjoyed reading your poem. It focuses on how we think about the big questions in life. There's definitely a lot of reasons to doubt these various notions on the afterlife. Keep up the good work.

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